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About Us

Sea Analytics is an advanced platform that connects organizations, coaches and athletes to improve performance, engagement and retention in our sport.
We use cutting edge technology to analyze and store large amount of data and video in a simple and user-friendly database.


We use data, video and advanced analytics
to help our clients be the best they can be

Ease of Use

We do not change the way you train or work. Our fully automated system can upload and analyze your session. You just have to sit back and learn.


Share your thoughts and insights with your coach or team-mates. You can also easily share your highlights with your family and friends.

Personal &
Concise insights

We all collect huge amounts of data and video. Our technology automatically giving you the highlights and points of interest from which you can learn and improve based on your personal improvement profile.

Performance Improvement

Our platform is based on our 'change management' cycle. Every session should end with actionable items for the next session. Our advanced data base and analytics are helping the coach and athlete to come up with the best plan to move forward.

Our clients

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