complex data made easy!


We established Sea Analytics to reinvent the way athletes and organizations can continually improve.
To do this we created the most advanced software based on our proprietary algorithms and methodology of change management process. We believe the clarity of data and visualization are key to success, so we built a fully automated system to help you upload all the data from multiple devices and sources, analyze and present the most important points of the day. All users can view their data from anywhere, share their videos with their coach and teammates and even easily post their highlights on social media.

The Solution

Effective platform to collect, measure and analyze sports data and provide meaningful insights to drive performance improvement based on our change management process

Data collection & communication

Synchronized capture of video, sensors, environmental and coach’s comments from multiple devices and athletes


Automatically extract concise and meaningful events and performance analytics from all data sources.


Effective presentation tool for immersive personalized debrief and long term retention to drive change

App Features

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